Our Mission

To attract and drive value for the most talented young professionals in a variety of verticals and professional spaces.

To educate our members on different businesses by leveraging our members and their connections.

To give back to our community  through strategically aligning with philanthropic initiatives that our members believe in.

Our Vision

To become an organization defined by its people.

To forge key strategic partnerships with established organizations within Toronto and ensure the advancement of our member's careers and professional standing.

To become a significant force in aiding Toronto based causes through awareness and fundraising.

Ambition | Empowerment | Community


Welcome to our community!

We at YPDN are excited to introduce you to our network of driven young professionals who are eager to further their careers and make a change in the Toronto community.

We founded the network in June 2014 with the goal of strengthening ties within a determined group of young professionals in the greater Toronto area. Outside of online platforms, there are very few formal settings that allow for career progression in terms of networking and self-education. Upon realizing this, we began our journey to fill this gap and, several weeks later, YPDN was born.

Throughout the initial phases of creating YPDN, we were consistently motivated by the idea of "what this could be". Our dream is for YPDN to become the central networking, career progression, and philanthropic hub for young professionals who are looking to grow in terms of maturity and career aspirations. We are excited to carefully develop our membership body to include result-driven leaders whom one day will shape the business landscape here in Toronto. We firmly believe that such a network of other like-minded individuals will be an invaluable asset that will provide a competitive edge to our members.

At YPDN, every member is entrusted with the role of helping fellow members surpass their personal goals and grow in the professional sphere. We are currently, and forever will be, defined by our members.