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YPDN Presents: Smart Advice by Freedom 55 Financial

  • Hugh C. Baker Room 330 University Ave Toronto, Ontario Canada (map)

YPDN is happy to present a special presentation by Freedom 55 Financial to help our members secure their financial goals and well-being. You can never be too young to start saving for your future!

About the Presenter: Margaret Bennett, Financial Security Advisor

Shortly after starting my first job I immediately set up a financial plan: insurance, RRSPs, and savings. Even on a very minimal starting salary, I knew from firsthand experience the value of these investments and wanted to have them for myself.  I’d wanted to be an advisor back in university but my dad and a mentor encouraged me to experience “real life” and a 9-5 job first.  I experienced “real life” and a 8-7 job for 8 years, with 7 of those in advertising, and there were things I loved about it.  But at the start of my thirties I was looking at my career options.  I made the move to financial advising because I had a financial plan.  My plan gave me savings to tap into as I worked to get going in this industry where I am effectively self-employed and provided collateral for a loan as my husband started his own business at the same time! With no financial help after university from any of our parents (and my husband’s school debt that was more than my salary when we moved in together!), we are proud that we made financial decisions that allowed us to take control of our own lives and careers.  I really believe that you are neither too young nor too broke to start a financial plan and I love to help young professionals get started on their plans so that they can ultimately live the life they want!

About Freedom 55 Financial:

Freedom 55 Financial is a full financial security planning organization founded on the strength and stability started by London Life more than 140 years ago. Freedom 55 Financial offers financial security planning and advice, as well as London Life’s own brand of savings and investments, retirement income, and life insurance. We show people their options and help them make the right financial decisions. Freedom 55 Financial Advisors meet one-on-one with Canadians to develop individual financial plans to help them meet their goals.

I just started working and I have debts, why should I talk to a financial advisor?

Great question! We recognize that you may have debt or may not have much money for savings, but through our accelerator program a financial advisor can help you figure out the right combination of paying down debts and savings for your future that work in your situation.  We can help you to set up a financial plan that will put you on a path to helping to achieve your goals with confidence in your financial future.  It costs nothing to meet with me but the pay off down the line can be significant for you!